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What's on in the JCom?

Grassroots Initiatives
Got a sweet idea you think can enrich the Jewish young adult community? We can help you make it happ ...
My Name is Truda Vitz
An inspiring play followed by a Q&A session by the writer/performer, Olivia Satchell
JCA Poker Night
Coming to a venue near you!

from our blog

Over 30,000 pray for kidnapped teens at Western Wall
Prayer session also held in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square; ‘We will never be broken,’ chief rabbi says
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'Drive-by bar mitzva,' as explained by Hollywood celebrity Lisa Kudrow
The former 'Friends' star told late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien that her son was recently bar mitzva'd at a Los Angeles mall by Chabad members.
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Holocaust survivor reminds us: "love is stronger than hate"
Holocaust survivor reminds us: "love is stronger than hate"
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